Sailing To Success: Denver Jernigan Photography

The Denver Jernigan Photography website menu and logo.

Client: Denver Jernigan Photography, LLC

Challenge: Denver Jernigan Photography opened a new studio in Live Oak, Florida, and reorganized the business to offer fine arts portrait products in addition to wedding photography in North Florida. With this transition in the business, the owner needed assistance with brand messaging, search engine optimization (SEO), and copywriting.

Implementation: During our initial discovery session, LHPR learned that Denver Jernigan Photography offered a structured and intentional photography experience for her clients. LHPR was retained to develop website copy that reflected the tone of voice of the entire site, build search engine optimization opportunities around the services offered, and develop the website layout.

Results: The website garnered an immediate boost in website traffic searching for photographers in the North Florida area upon launch and multiple sessions booked, including a photography membership option.

“I’m so excited to see this come to life!” – Denver Jernigan, Owner and Photographer

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