Sailing To Success: BARK

Bradfordville Animal Resort Kingdom (BARK) photo

Client: Bradfordville Animal Resort Kingdom, LLC (BARK)

Challenge: BARK built a new facility in northeast Tallahassee, Florida, to offer pet lodging, daycare, and grooming services and is anticipating opening in the near future. The business had several elements of their brand structure in place, but lacked the expertise to unify their brand image with comprehensive brand messaging to convey the unique value proposition the facility brings to the market.

Implementation: In the initial discovery session, LHPR learned that BARK aimed to become a trusted partner for pet parents who wanted to meet the mental and physical needs of their furry friend(s). After reviewing their brand assets, we crafted a brand messaging map that focused on BARK’s value to both pets and their families and provided strategic counsel on BARK’s branding.

Results: The brand messaging map provided foundational elements to assist with customer interactions, delivered elevated content for their website, and created a content resource for their social media channels.

“The process went very well. Lauren was clear in her timelines, which is a breath of fresh air when compared to the construction process. Working with her was simple, and through her advice I think she put together a great product! I look forward to using our brand message map to develop the BARK brand.” – Drew Steverson, Co-Founder & Resort Manager

At LHPR, we firmly believe that businesses who create strong brands fully understand their brand identity needs to live everywhere – social media captions, billboards, color palettes, and so much more. A business must invest in their brand by moving away from quantity (how many people can we reach?) and move towards quality (who are the right people to reach, and how can we build brand loyalty?). Reach out to us to learn more about our branding and strategy services.