Sailing To Success: MADD

Client: Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD)

Challenge: MADD, a large organization with a national presence, wanted to develop an educational resource for it’s employees on how to elevate the MADD brand on LinkedIn. Specifically, leadership was looking to create brand ambassadors to effectuate their fundraising strategies.

Implementation: LHPR provided counsel to MADD’s leadership to develop an objective-based recorded training for their employees to become brand ambassadors on LinkedIn. The training included reviewing MADD’s brand guidelines and policies, LinkedIn brand strategies, LinkedIn algorithm hacks to increase visibility on the platform, and how to best leverage authentic relationships to build organically.

Results: The LinkedIn training serves as a continuing education tool when MADD’s leadership develops new communication strategies for deployment.

“Lauren has an innate talent for connecting with individuals from all walks of life and building meaning relationships that benefit both parties. We are thrilled with the positive outcome of this LinkedIn training for our team across the U.S.” – Claudia Machado, Sr. Development and Community Engagement Manager

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