Sailing To Success: Meeks Construction, Inc.

Screenshot of Vortech Energy Brochure designed by Lauren Helm PR.

Client: Meeks Construction, Inc.

Challenge: Meeks Construction, Inc., entered into a partnership with VEWV, LLC, to produce sustainable renewable energy solutions through innovative Vortech Technology. The duo needed collateral designed to help showcase how this new technology is uninterruptable, has zero operational costs, and provides commercial and residential energy alternatives.

Implementation: In the initial discovery session, LHPR learned that this new technology required less space and produced 5x more energy than a local city owned solar farm annually. With using data to tell a story, we crafted sales collateral to showcase Vortech Technology as a viable energy solution alternative targeting commercial construction projects.

Results: Digital and printed collateral has increased sales and provided proof of concept for the partnership to grow into new markets in Florida.

“These are great!” – Kimberly Parker, Office Manager

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